Multi Arts Training Support (NPC)

in partnership with

Zebra Mats South Africa (Pty) Ltd


MATS Partnerships

Making world-class equipment more affordable in SA

  • Save up to 40% on ZEBRA Mats (2m x 1m)

  • Benefit from rental options on equipment

  • Pay only 1% in profit sharing


Non-Intrusive Partnership

The Partnership is a private, non-intrusive agreement between

  • Multi Arts Training Support (NPC) / MATS,
  • Zebra Mats South Africa (Pty) Ltd / ZMSA (for advertising rights only) and
  • The Partner Facility

MATS or ZMSA would:

a) not hold any share in the Partner Facility's business,

b) not interfere with the running of the Partner Facility's business,

c) not require the Partner Facility to produce financial statements at any time.

Partnership Intake Schedule

During the year, there would be three(3) new Partner Facility intakes:

Intake 01: Jan for Apr (installation)

Intake 02: May for Aug (installation)

Intake 03: Sep for Dec (installation)

Total Partnership Value

The Total Partnership Value is based on the actual retail costs of the required equipment (mats), excluding any discounts.

If the Partner Facility requires 60m² of ZEBRA mats at a retail cost of R100 000, then Total Partnership Value will be R100 000.

Partner Facility Contribution

Based on the above Total Partnership Value of R100 000, your Partner Facility Contribution at 60% will be R60 000.

Note how the Partner Facility will save R40 000 on equipment capital outlay through a MATS Partnership.

The Partner Facility Contribution is payable in advance (upfront) before any equipment is ordered.

Secure Fundraising Channel

If the Partner Facility is comfortable with doing fundraising towards their Contribution, they can use the MATS Secure Fundraising Channel.

How does it work?


Once the Equipment arrives in Cape Town South Africa, it will be distributed to the various Partner Facilities for installation. Local delivery costs are excluded from the Total Partnership Value and Partner Facility Contribution.

Unless sponsored, the Partner Facility will cover the cost of delivery to the Agreed Location.


The cost of an installation depends on the amount of work and location of the Partner Facility. Installation costs are excluded from the Total Partnership Value and Partner Facility Contribution. The minimum installation cost range from R4400 for a 1-day local (within 150km) installation; and up to R19 000 for a 3-day non-local, full-fitted installation. Equipment Partner installation is compulsory on all MATS Partnership Packages.

Unless sponsored, the Partner Facility will cover the cost of installation at the Agreed Location.

The Equipment

The Partner Facility can use The Equipment at the Agreed Location for classes/training purposes, competitions and seminars.

Some basic terms and conditions apply, including - but not limited to

1) The Partner Facility cannot sell The Equipment.

2) The Partner Facility must keep The Equipment comprehensively insured at all times.

3) The Partner Facility is responsible for the care and maintenance of The Equipment using safe Equipment Partner Approved cleaning instructions and solutions.

Partnership Profit

The Partner Facility keeps most of the profit generated from the use of The Equipment.

The Partnership Profit due to MATS is only 1% of the Total Partnership Value, with a minimum of R1000 per month.

Example 1:

On a Total Partnership Value of R64 000, 1% will be R640. Since this is lower than the minimum of R1000, the monthly Partnership Profit due will default to R1000 per month.

Example 2:

On a Total Partnership Value of R120 000, 1% will be R1200. The monthly Partnership Profit due will be R1200/month.


The monthly Partnership Profit is a profit-component and will be due to MATS for as long as the Partnership Agreement remains in place, until the Partner Facility decides to use their Buy-Out option.

The Buy-Out Option

Over time, when the Partner Facility grows financially stronger and wishes to own the equipment issued under the Partnership - the Partner Facility can pay the difference between the Total Partnership Value and their initial Partner Facility Contribution.


If the original Total Partnership Value was R100 000 and the initial Partner Facility Contribution was R60 000, then the Buy-Out Payment will be R40 000.

Important: The sum of the monthly Partnership Profit payments made to MATS, during the period of the Partnership, is a profit-sharing component and is therefor excluded from, and cannot be taken into account when calculating the Buy-Out payment.

Fulfilling the Buy-Out terms will

a) terminate the agreement between the Partner Facility and MATS,

b) stop the Monthly Partnership Profit payments to MATS,

c) transfer full ownership of The Equipment from MATS to the Partner Facility and

d) issue a tax invoice to the Partner Facility for the equipment (mats).

Benefit from Rental Options

Under the MATS Partnership Package, Partner Facilities can rent-to-use items like ZEBRA Cage Panels and Landing Mats (subject to availability).

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